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MegaFriutt Direct importer of fruit to Volga region

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MegaFruTT Ltd. is engaged in delivery a wide range of fruits and vegetables to the Volga region. We always choose several best exporters of fruit and vegetable product from every country and create optimal conditions for long term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Our suppliers are more than 30 companies from 10 countries of the world. Among them are world famous exporters and manufactures of fruits and vegetables which have solid reputation.

The key to success of our company is professionalism of our managers and confident relations with suppliers created during work and thanks to business and long term contacts.

One of the key moments of our business is established relations with suppliers, customers and transport companies. The work with the partners of all logistic chain is based on the following principles: long term contacts, obligation, and quick exchange of information. The company highly appreciates the existing business relationships and aims for building mutual confident relations.

Nowadays negotiations with some suppliers about new joint projects are taking place for widening the range of cooperation.

We invite domestic agricultural manufactures and exporters from abroad for cooperation.

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