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Useful fruit and vegetables for children

Fruits and vegetables in its composition different from other products. A small number of proteins contained in these overlaps and saturated fats vitamins and mineral complex. The main advantage of children included in the diet of vegetables and fruit - the presence in them of dietary fiber, pectin compounds, effectively normalizing the digestive process of children of any age. Once in the gastrointestinal tract of the child, fruits and vegetables neutralize harmful substances that protect the stomach lining from germs and toxins, facilitate the passage of food through the intestines.

Useful fruit and vegetables for children should be administered in the diet in the first year of their life. But it should be done gradually, do not eat fruits and vegetables without measure. This requires the use of special fruit and vegetable canned food, intended for children of a certain age. Canned food for kids - the best version of the introduction of the diet of fruits and vegetables. The fact that some of the fresh vegetables and fruit are excessive acidity, astringency, and many of them are treated with fertilizers, which may cause some harm flanked by an immature children's stomach. Fruit and vegetable puree contain enough for a small child vitamin composition.

Sometimes, some young parents prefer personally cooked mashed potatoes. But to use this type of nutrition should be provided that the cultivation of fruits and vegetables in their own beds, in the absence of pesticides and other harmful substances.

One of the most useful vegetables and fruits for children include apples, which contain large amounts of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), iron, sugar, pectin. Malic acid enhances the secretion of digestive juice that promotes better digestion. Applesauce is necessary to include in the diet of children, starting at six months old. Do not get the attention of plums, which are extremely rich in potassium, carotene, organic acids, vegetable fibers, minerals, vitamins. For kids mashed plums need to be included in the diet from 6 - 8 months.

Pears are also needed for a full and healthy eating. They help to fine work and the stomach contain tannins, pectin, fructose, iodine, zinc, magnesium, folic acid, nutritional fiber. Start eating pears child should be a six-month-old. The list of useful vegetables and fruits for children occupy an important place zucchini, which are considered to be the first vegetable, suitable for feeding a young child. Zucchini is easy to digest, contains sodium, potassium, magnesium and many other essential vitamins and minerals needed for child health.

The child must eat pumpkin, rich in fiber. Pumpkin contains a large amount of beta-carotene, and significantly more than the carrot. Pumpkin can be added to vegetarian soups, baby rice or millet porridge.

For good nutrition a child needs to eat potatoes, especially the young. But not advisable to get involved in these vegetables, because potatoes contain large amounts of starch. In addition, a number of useful vegetables and fruits for the children can be safely attributed beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage.

We should not forget about such a necessary supplement in the diet of the child, as the greens, which is best consumed immediately from the garden. Parsley, dill can be given to the baby in small amounts, ranging from 8 months of age.

Always remember: chemist vitamin supplements will never replace fresh fruits and vegetables. Protect your children!