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Juice geography. Where grown healthy juices?

We all know that in different parts of the globe fruits and vegetables ripen at different times. And in our time ultramodern greenhouses - in principle, any fruit almost all year round you can collect. However, the fruit juice is used for industrial production, grown in gardens and plantations in favorable climatic conditions for them. This allows the juices to the maximum taste and nutritional characteristics. As soon as possible after harvest fruits and vegetables processed into juice concentrate, which is then sent to a different country, where from it will produce reconstituted juice. And not to take off the price, and not idle production, concentrated juices and purees driven us all year round from different countries.

It must be said that the climate and other features of the country from which "arrived" juice, significantly influence the taste of the fruit, and the taste of the drink that is prepared from it. So, red Sicilian orange differs from its reddish-yellow relative not only bright red and bright taste.

Where are growing fruits and vegetables, which will be in the form of juice at our table?

Apricots are grown everywhere: they ripen in any country with a warm temperate climate. Apricots for the manufacture of recovered juice is processed into concentrated puree. It arrives in Russia from all over the world: China, South Africa, Argentina.

Pineapples - "natives" from the tropics. Juice "semi-finished" provide us with Thailand and Indonesia. Also, pineapple juice imported from Brazil, Costa Rica and the Philippines. Oranges - native "brothers" of football: they are united by Brazil. This country - the largest supplier and excellent players, and golden citrus juice. Interestingly, this is one of the most "cultural" fruit - wild oranges are not found anywhere else. And for the first time oranges began to feast on the ancient Chinese: this is what the state considered the birthplace of one of the world's most popular citrus.

Bananas - fruit is very popular in itself, but the juice is used less frequently. The fact that it is obtained from the juice is very thick, more like a puree, so in pure form practically use it. Banana puree for nectars and drinks multifruit brought to Russia mainly from Ecuador. And they are growing in the mass of countries with a subtropical climate, including the Malay Archipelago - the homeland of this ancient food culture.

Grapes - historians believe that people grow it back in the era of copper and bronze. This berry is mentioned in the Bible. The juice of the grape is also made for centuries, if not millennia. And today, concentrated juice from the grapes arrive in Russia from Europe (mainly from Italy and Spain) and South America (Argentina and Chile).

Pomegranates - like warmth and sunshine. As well as grape juice, pomegranate - one of the oldest. Grow grenades in the tropics and subtropics, but concentrated pomegranate juice comes to us mainly from Turkey and Iran.

Mango - until recently was exotic fruit for the Russians. But today it can be found on the shelves of supermarkets, and as part of the mass Multifruit juice. You can find the nectar of mango and mono-taste. A "blank" mango supplies us with India.

Peach - the fruit from which the most, perhaps, a delicious and fragrant nectar. Peaches are grown almost everywhere, but the supply of concentrated juices are engaged mainly Greece, Chile and Argentina.

Tomatoes - Tomatoes are the same. And they began to grow food even two thousand years ago in America. Europeans have long disdained these fruits. The first decided to try tomatoes French and Italians, and then began to cultivate tomatoes in other countries. In Russia, as we know, this vegetable-berry came after all - in the 18th century, but quickly caught on. A favorite for Russians of tomato juice tomatoes today are grown in China and Iran. European tomatoes in the form of mashed potatoes come from Portugal and Spain.

Apples - seemingly the most Russian fruit. And in fact, our apples is inherent in a very special taste and aroma. However, not all juices are suitable apples grown at home: the fact that we are mainly bred sour-sweet varieties. The same applies to Poland and Ukraine. Therefore, if the base is needed for the juice sweeter - Chinese apples are best suited for her.