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Which fruits are the most useful?

After years of experiments and research, scientists were able to assign each fruit its serial number, but rather the usefulness of the index. This index is conventionally called the "daily value" (DC) - a measure of the level of the nutrient and energy value. In addition, the index is taken into account the presence of all nine substances that are vital for our body. By "community nine" include provitamin A, vitamins of group B, namely B1, B2, B3, B9, of course, vitamin C, as well as iron, calcium and proteins. The result of the study was a surprise for everyone. As it turned out the most useful fruit - a kiwi. This shabby-looking fruit pulled away from "persecutors" and earned the utility index at 16 BFP.

List of fruit utilities, according to their DC, is as follows:

  1. In the first place, as you already know, KIWI index - 16 DC;
  2. The second is located PAPAYA - 14 DC;
  3. The three leaders broke MELON - 13 DC;
  4. Strawberry on the fourth - 12 DC
  5. Fifth place was shared by just three of the fruit with the same result in 11 DC: lemon, orange and mango;
  6. The sixth is located currant - 10 DC;
  7. With the result of DC 9, the seventh step Rating and climbed MANDARIN;
  8. Next GRAPEFRUIT - 7 DC
  10. BANANA - 4 DC
  11. Unable to get into the top ten sweet cherry, on account of its only 3 DC
  12. What is absolutely amazing - the provision APPLE: twelfth place and only 2 DC
  13. And concludes the list of the most useful fruits pears, with an index of utility 1 DC.